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Our Services

Civil and Stormwater Design
Our services include:
  • Concept Stormwater Management plans (residential, commercial)
  • Stormwater Management Plans (residential, commercial)
  • Stormwater pump-out system design

NEACON can assist with your civil and stormwater management requirements and will work with you to achieve an economic solution to your stormwater needs. Stormwater Management Plans are often required as part of your Development Application, whether it's an addition to the existing building or a new build, depending on Council requirements. In some cases the design may be as simple as noting the existing stormwater management system and connecting the new addition into the existing. In other cases, Council require a more detailed Stormwater Plan. There are many different types of stormwater management systems, typically most properties are connected to the council stormwater system (at the kerb). NEACON will consult with you to work out the best and most cost-effective solution while working to Council's requirements. The stormwater management plan details how the rainwater gets from the roof of your structure to the street kerb. There are several types of systems including the following:

  • Gravity feed (the site slopes towards the road and the water flows from the structure to the street under the action of gravity)
  • Charged system (a sealed system where the pipes generally always have water in them - typically for a flat or slightly sloped away from the road site)
  • Pump out system (the use of pumps to discharge water from holding tanks to the street - typically the last resort) Infiltration trenches - depending on the type of soil on site and the property itself infiltration may be a possibility Inter-allotment easements - Councils preferred method for sites that slope away from the road - this requires contacting your neighbour/s to propose an easement on their property and the associated legal documentation.
  • Reticulation of rainwater for reuse (typically laundry and toilets) - this can offset the requirements of pump out systems and generally is required on most new residential structures. We can help you with your civil and stormwater needs. Contact us now!.
Structural Design
Our services include:
  • Structural Engineering advice and design
  • Structural Engineering plans
  • Certification of structural plans by others
  • Structural reports, certificates or formal letters
  • Pre-purchase building inspections, advice, and reports
  • Structural adequacy assessments
  • Developments include:
  • Extensions and pergolas
  • Internal renovations
  • Upper storey additions
  • New homes
  • Subdivisions (houses, units, granny flats etc)
  • New multi-dwelling sites (houses, units, townhouses including 2 & 3 storey dwellings etc)
  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial developments
  • Retaining wall design
  • Driveway design
  • Build-over/adjacent to sewer design
  • Mine Subsidence design

NEACON Australia believe that good structural engineering input into the project at the early stages of the concept design can provide significant construction savings and reduce the documentation time frames.
There are some projects which may not require architectural plans, such as removing walls, widening door openings, removing internal posts, particularly for those DIY'ers out there. In these situations NEACON Australia will provide all the required documentation ranging from structural engineer's certificates or letters to state whether a wall is loadbearing to detailed structural engineering drawings.
NEACON Australia can provide full construction support for each project, meaning if you have any queries regarding the plans, details, materials or construction methods we are only a phone call or email away.
NEACON Australia can also provide structural engineering services for commercial or industrial projects, so please contact us to discuss your project and how we can provide assistance.

Geotechnical Engineers, Soil testing
Our services include:
  • Site inspections/investigations for site classification
  • Slope Stability reports
  • Geotechnical risk assessment and reports
  • Footing design
  • Footing inspections
  • Site Feasibility Studies (residential and commercial)

NEACON Australia have equipment and capability to undertaken soil testing for residential footings as per AS2870 - 2011. Our equipment is light and versatile, meaning we can access tight localities and drilling will have minimal impact on existing landscaping/gardens.
Typically for a new construction 3 x 50mm diameter bore holes are drilled to determine the soil profile and characteristics. For extensions this is usually reduced to 2 bore holes. Some footing types may not even require soil testing, as the design is based on conservative soil profile assumptions and flexible construction materials.
Along with the soil testing for your reference and to provide to the Local Council for Development Approval, NEACON will provide a geotechnical report stating the soil profile, classification as per AS2870 and provide a copy of the CSIRO sheet 10-91 for reference.
We can also undertake soil testing for commercial and industrial footings, or if our equipment is unable to drill to the required depth we can organise another contractor to undertake the testing.
So if you have concerns about the condition of your footings please don't hesitate to contact NEACON Australia to discuss possible causes, maintenance works and arrange a site visit for one of our engineers to visit and inspect your property for possible causes of the concern/damage.

Forensic Engineering, Dilapidation reports

NEACON can undertake Dilapidation investigation and assessments and provide written report or verbal advice, depending on your requirements and budget. We can provide advice regarding different aspects of concern, remedial options, possible design work required and if required undertake the remedial design for you. Dilapidation reports may be required for the following circumstances:

Prior to construction works

If you require an assessment of your property or an neighbouring property prior to your proposed construction works beginning, NEACON can inspect, record and provide a written report documenting the existing damages. After the construction works have been completed we can re-attend the property to confirm if any damage has occurred or worsened, giving you the peace of mind that your best interests are being taken care of.
NEACON can assess any above ground structure (houses, sheds, footpaths etc) and provide recommendations as to what equipment or methods may have less of an impact on adjacent structures

Structural Damage

Has your house suffered damage because of construction or other works? Is your house cracking for an unknown reason? Do you have concerns regarding the structural adequacy of your house or a particular element of it (roof, wall, floor)? NEACON can organise an inspection to discuss the possible causes and remedial options.

Pre-purchase Structural Report

Are you buying a new house, your first house or maybe an investment property? Do you have any concerns regarding the structure, including visible cracks in walls or footings? Would you like to know more about how to care for the structure and footings of your new investment?
NEACON can provide a tailored assessment of the property outlining areas of concern, and works required to minimise future damage, and remedial options.
If you would like to chat to one of our team to discuss your concerns and see where we can assist you, please give us a call or send an email or web message. We look forward to helping you!