Multi-Units / Townhouses

A multiple dwelling houses / townhouses may not be your first thought when considering an investment idea, but they are needed to capitalise the assets. These projects are great investments and need special skill that we have to execute. Our experience in recent delivery of multi units have been a great success where our clients have made a lot of positive equity.

Whether it is a small family project or a large-scale development, our expert team will guide you through the entire process which is a huge advantage for first-time investors and experienced developers.


Duplexes housing is our speciality. We have been executing more than 10 duplexes a year for our regular clientele. Neither too small nor too big, duplex houses are a perfect match for every family! With ample of space for a family to grow and thrive in, and generate extra income at same time.

The duplex housing option has quickly become a popular affordable housing option for a wide range of living conditions. Duplexes can double the value of your investment, whether you're looking to generate rental income, or you're an investor with a keen eye on the future, it will suit your demand.